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Bosworth Bugle

The Bosworth Bugle is the community newsletter and administrator of the village website - - for the village and parish of Husbands Bosworth.

Informing the community since its inception 1996, the Bugle endeavours to report community issues in an accurate, factual and unbiased manner. It continues as the village's main information sheet and the 'go-to' source for village information.

Published in hard-copy on the first of each month and delivered to every household in the parish, the Bugle is also published as an on-line downloadable pdf file, which reaches out beyond the parish to ex-pat Bosworthians and interested 'spectators' worldwide! Click here to view the latest on-line copies and archived files of the famous Bosworth Bugle!

Each month the newsletter publishes topical articles of public interest and promotes a host of local activity and interest groups. Regular features include Bygone Bosworth historical archive material from the Historical Society, a Wild about Bosworth natural history and conservation series, local scouting news in Scouting in Bosworth and a Taste of Bosworth for culinary adventurers!

Funded entirely by advertising and sponsorship, the Bugle is a non-profit making enterprise, compiled and published by a small, but dedicated volunteer group for the benefit of the community.

Information and articles submitted in consideration for publication are always welcomed. Contact the Bugle here.