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Harborough District - Noise Complaints

Harborough District - Noise Complaints

Residents enjoying the lighter nights are being urged to be mindful of their actions with Harborough Community Safety Partnership urging residents to be respectful to their communities as part of the 'Respect and Tolerate' campaign.

Harborough Community Safety Partnership advises: "This year, with us all stuck at home, it is no different. Our consistent advice is respect and tolerate. Remain respectful of your neighbours, and the environment, and tolerate, particularly during this tumultuous time. A possible increase in the disturbances you may experience: People are likely to be doing an increased amount of DIY, children are likely to be sent into the garden to burn off some energy and because the tips are closed, and we're in the gardens more, there are also likely to be more bonfires."

Noise, smoke, odours and light issues can be classed as a 'statutory nuisance' - a problem that by law Harborough District Council can take action on. To decide if this is the case they would need to look at:

  • The severity of the problem
  • The length of time it has lasted
  • How often it happens
  • Whether it would interfere with the 'average' person's reasonable enjoyment of their property

More information and guidance on what should be reported andhow to report is available on the Harborough District Council website.

Posted: Fri, 22 May 2020 10:25 by Sarah Mason

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