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Firs Farm - Update

The Parish Council, as part of an ongoing dialogue with LCC in relation to Firs Farm, have received this update: -

The Council's environmental consultant, Summers Inman LLP, has now been on site several times and are formulating a strategy for remediation, monitoring and mitigation measures which we will be presenting to the Environment Agency around the end of September. Subject to EA approval and suitable weather conditions, we are intending that the initial survey work will be undertaken as soon as possible thereafter.

The EA have powers to compel the County Council as landowner to undertake the remediation work, so it is important that we continue to liaise with them and get their approval to avoid any action being brought against the Council for subsequent breaches of the waste legislation.

Alongside this, we had a constructive meeting with the Environment Agency representatives earlier this month to update them and plan the next steps to reduce the risk of pollution escaping from the site. The EA have also made us aware that Firs Farm is part of a larger criminal investigation involving illegal waste dumping at a number of sites across the region which they are currently investigating.

Posted: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 09:14 by Clerk

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