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Pre-Submission Consultation Comments Form

Form to be used by residents of Husbands Bosworth to comment on the pre-submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan during the six week consultation period commencing Monday 11th March 2019 .

This is the final opportunity for residents to comment on the plan before it is submitted to Harborough District Council

Pre-Submission Consultation Comments Form

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Pre-Submission Consultation Comments Form

Please return by 21 April 2019

This six-week pre-submission consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is the last time we will be asking people for comments before submitting the Plan to Harborough District Council.

All responses received by the above date will be considered and may be utilised to amend the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. A Consultation Statement including a summary of all comments received and how these were considered will be made available along with the amended Neighbourhood Plan. Please note we will not accept responses that are anonymous and that comments may be made public. Your personal details will not be made public.

A copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed online from 15th January 2019 at the link above this form.

This document can also be downloaded directly by pasting the following link into the address bar of your web browser:

Thank you for your help and support in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for Husbands Bosworth Parish Council.

SECTION 2: Representation

Where possible, please indicate to which part of the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan each comment relates.

We would welcome your comments on the policies

General Comments about the Plan

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