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Rural Crimes - Church Metal Thefts

We have seen a number of Churches targeted for their lead roofs. Not only does this crime impact significantly upon the church due to the financial implications it also impacts on the local community who can lose the use of the church for the period of when repairs are required. The Police need the communities help to identify those people responsible for these crimes and we would ask that where you have any concerns regarding suspicious people of vehicles near to your local church that you report it on 101. You can also join Rural Watch which is a free scheme set up to support communities in fight against rural crime. If you live, work or visit rural communities you are our eyes and ears. Join the police officers and a network of people who share information about crimes in rural areas, and help to reduce opportunities for crime to take place. Together we can actively take steps to prevent crime, report suspicious incidents and provide education and reassurance on the issues that matter the most to rural communities. To become a member of the scheme please email your name, address and contact details to