Husbands Bosworth Parish Council

Serving the people of Husbands Bosworth

Husbands Bosworth Parish Council

The Parish Council is the first tier of Government, representing and working for the interests of the residents of the parish.

The council has six councillors and two part-time employees. Councillors are either elected or co-opted.

Parish council meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month (excepting January and July), the Parish Council meets in the Millennium Sports Pavilion on Kilworth Road to discuss issues relating to the parish. These meetings are open to the public and time is allocated for parishioners to speak to the council about matters concerning them if they so wish. Parish Council meetings provide an opportunity for residents to find out about local issues and plans, and have their say about matters concerning the parish.

Agendas are posted on the village noticeboard on The Green 7 days prior to meetings. Any issues of particular concern may be added to the agenda for formal discussion, subject to approval and sufficient prior notice.

Parish Council Responsibilities

The Parish Council is responsible for providing a range of services for its parishioners, including but not limited to:

  • Provision of allotment space
  • Provision, maintenance and protection of burial plots within the cemetery
  • Provision, maintenance and protection of roadside verges
  • Provision, maintenance and protection of Green Spaces within the village
  • Provision and maintenance of a children's play area, skate park and playing field within the village
  • Provision and maintenance of the car park adjacent to the children's play area
  • Provision and maintenance of the sports pavilion
  • Provision and maintenance of two out of three bus shelters within the village
  • Provision and emptying of dog waste bins around the village outskirts
  • Provision and maintenance of benches and picnic benches
  • Provision and maintenance of flower planters within the village
  • Maintenance of the war memorial
  • Provision, re-location and monitoring of vehicle speed notification sign
  • Maintenance of hedges around allotment, cemetery and sports pavilion
  • Maintenance of fences around sports pavilion, playing field and play park
  • Ensuring grit bins remain filled
  • Displaying planning applications for building works proposed within the parish
  • Advising parishioners of the objections procedure for planning applications
  • Planning and organising some village events


There are currently six Parish Councillors on Husbands Bosworth Parish Council. To find out who they are and how to contact them please follow the link below:

Other Local Elected Representatives

Contact details for the District Councillor, County Councillor and Member of Parliament representing Husbands Bosworth:

District Council

Councillor Amanda Nunn

County Council

Cllr Blake Pain

Member of Parliament

Neil O'Brien

Parish Clerk

Contact details for our Parish Clerk: